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Vijf mini-documentaires die je raken

The Program Work like a Horse (WaeP) focusses on children who need a helping hand. At this moment the program consists of three projects: a project for special education, a holiday school and an after school program. The red line of the projects is: If you work like a horse, you can achieve a lot. Even if you have a disability or if you are in difficult circumstances. In the projects, the children and their talents are important.

Some of the Works like a Horse projects take place on the grounds of the Rotterdamsche Manège, where the Longines FEI European Championships are organized. In the run-up to these European Championships, a series of film portraits was made of 5 children from the program Work like a Horse.

With these mini documentaries we want to touch the viewer with portraits of children with a special story. With the documentaries we want to show what projects like Work like a Horse can do for children that can use a step up.

We start each episode with a scene from the child's daily life. This can be at school, at home, on the football field or in the crisis shelter. In this way we get a picture of the environment he/she lives in. From there we go to the equestrian center. Sometimes we follow the children at different times to make a development visible in the story. Then we show the activity in which the child participates and of course we particularly focus on our characters, the horse and the child. In the last scene, the child conquers something, for example: making real contact with the horse, the caregiver, with other children or simply having fun.

Wilfried de Jong provides the voice-over for the documentaries. The coordination of the documentaries lies with CHIO Rotterdam, the organizer of the European Championships. This is done in cooperation with 'Firma Film' and Wilfried de Jong. Just like many other side-events program, the mini-documentaries were made possible by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

The mini-documentaries will be broadcasted via RTV Rijnmond and via the online channels of the Longines FEI European Championships and its partners. The mini documentaries will also be subtitled in English.

Watch the first mini documentary about Judith here.
You can watch the second mini documentary about Azad here.
The third mini documetary can be watched here.
Watch the fourth mini documentary about Chanel here.